Connecting with our community

We collaborate with our community on partnerships, projects and our Impact Fund and love welcoming people to our energy park with tours, events and artist residencies.

Hepburn Z-NET

We’re proud partners of the Hepburn Z-NET collaboration, which offers a range of programs to help community members get on track to zero-net emissions. Have a look at the Hepburn Z-NET website for how your home, school, workplace or farm can get involved.

Hepburn Energy is leading, partnering on or funding the following Hepburn Z-NET initiatives.

Hepburn Z-NET Projects

Hepburn Solar Bulk-Buy

Are you interested in solar or battery storage? The Solar Bulk-Buy has supported hundreds of households to go solar across the Hepburn Shire.

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Hepburn Electric Vehicle Bulk-Buy

We partnered with the Good Car Company to deliver the Hepburn Electric Vehicle Bulk-Buy in 2020 and we’re looking to run another round.

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Hepburn Home Energy Assessments

This program helps households to improve their energy efficiency.

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Hepburn Impact Fund

The Impact Fund’s core purpose is to build a more sustainable and just future in the Hepburn Shire, fostering climate resilience while helping us reach zero-net emissions by 2030.

How does the fund work?

  • The annual funding pool is $30,000
  • A partnership approach is adopted
  • Our staff co-design proposals with a proponent
  • Projects must respond to the aims described in the Impact Fund Guidelines

Read the Impact Fund Guidelines for more information

Connect with us

Energy Park Tours

While currently on hold due to the pandemic, you can book tours at Hepburn Energy during warmer months of the year.

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Schools Curriculum

We are launching a school curriculum that engages students in sustainable technology, ethics and climate change with options for in-school, online and Energy Park based learning.

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Artists residence

We’ve been grateful to host some incredible artists. If you are an established or emerging artist with a project you’d like to complete at the Energy Park please let us know.

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