Hepburn Energy by Flow Power

We’re providing electricity offers with our partner Flow Power to support community and local renewables.

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Community offer – Restricted

Currently being piloted with a small group of members. This electricity offer provides 100% GreenPower and is supporting our shires transition.

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Small business offer – coming soon

Our offer for small to medium businesses is coming soon.

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Commerical & industrial offer

Large energy users can register for our micro-PPA offer, providing competitive long-term rates and 100% renewable energy.

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What makes us different

Hepburn Energy is a member owned co-operative and Australia’s first community owned wind farm, now working towards solar and battery. We’re tackling climate change head on with renewables and local programs. We’ve partnered with retailer Flow Power to offer competitive electricity products that benefit our members and our shires transition.

Who is Flow Power

Flow Power is accelerating the renewable transition by empowering Australians to rethink and reshape how they use energy. They deliver projects that are proudly powering Australia’s sustainable future, providing clean energy to the National Energy Market and supporting surrounding communities through employment, education, community funding, financial opportunities and much more.

Flow Power is Australian based, founded and operated. If you need energy support, their friendly Melbourne-based team is available to help.

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