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Your large business or organisation can now purchase power through Hepburn Energy.

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Our power purchase agreements

Large energy users including commercial and industrial businesses, can purchase power through a Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).

Benefits of a PPA

With a Hepburn Energy by Flow Power PPA, you can lock in a contract with Hepburn Energy for our low-cost renewable prices, firmed by the wholesale energy market. You’re also supporting renewable energy and have greater visibility on where your energy comes from.

How do they work?

  • Your business or organisation commits to purchase up to 100% of your energy usage via Hepburn Energy.
  • Our PPAs include GreenPower. This is where renewable energy certificates (LGCs) are purchased on your behalf and surrendered under this government accredited scheme designed to support new renewables.
  • The business’ energy rates for the renewable energy component are then locked in transparent prices – for up to 10 years, with the balance firmed by the wholesale market.


Who’s a PPA for?

Flow Power’s Power Purchase Agreements with Hepburn Energy are for businesses or organisations using over 40MWh of energy each year. These are often businesses or organisations with a large physical or energy footprint. If this sounds like you, register to find out more.

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If you’re interested in a PPA for your commercial or industrial property, register here via the form below.

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