Community Electricity Offer

We’re piloting our community electricity offer with a small group of co-operative members.

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Our community electricity

Provides a closer link between our energy and what customers use at home. Our offer comes with 100% GreenPower, Melbourne-based support staff and tools to lower your energy use.

We encourage Hepburn Energy members to register for our community electricity offer as we kick off our pilot.

Linked to our generation

Thanks to our retailer, Flow Power, each community customer is assigned to Hepburn Energy.

This means the energy produced at our Energy Park is linked to your home energy usage. For every unit of electricity you use, we’re creating and sending clean energy into Australia’s grid on your behalf.

Using energy with this 100% GreenPower offer increases demand for more renewable generators to be built and helps the Australian energy mix transition to cleaner fuel sources. 

Tools to lower usage

We’re offering community customers hardware* and software to help you make a difference. 

Got Wifi? You can level up your usage at home with Flow Power’s unique kWatch Mini, and Smart Plug which comes free with our community electricity offer. The kWatch Mini device feeds live data straight to an app, so you can see what your home is doing in real-time. Use your new Smart Plug to control any socket from your phone.

Feel good knowing your electricity bill is helping to create a renewable energy future for Australia.    

*Must have wifi at home

Rewarding efficiency

As a community customer, your electricity offer includes a Price Efficiency Adjustment. The Price Efficiency Adjustment reflects how you use energy compared to the wholesale electricity market price for that period. 

Your bill has a base rate, which is made up of the cost of electricity, the network tariff, and your 100% GreenPower offset. Your final electricity rate is your base rate plus Price Efficiency Adjustment (PEA).

Once your PEA is applied, your price-per-kilowatt hour will be higher or lower based on how price efficient your energy usage was that month. 

If you’re a co-operative member and you’d like to sign up, we encourage you to fill in the registration form today!