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Price: $ 100.00
Price: $ 100.00

Guidance on joining Hepburn Energy

How do I become a member?

All Hepburn Energy members are shareholders. To become a member you first need to review the New Member Applicant Information Booklet, the Hepburn Energy Rules and Disclosure Statement which you can find on the Members page. Some of the key steps are:

  1. Complete the New Membership Form
  2. Pay for your shareholding
  3. Post the New Membership Form to Link Market Services
  4. Board decide on membership
  5. You’re notified of the outcome

What is the share price?

Each share is $1.10 with a minimum shareholding of 100 shares for locals and 1000 shares for non-locals.

Why is there an administration fee?

The 2% administration fee covers the costs of our secure payment platform Stripe. Please contact if you have further questions.

What happens next?

You’ll receive an email from us once your application has been received. The board will then review and decide on your membership, which typically takes between 1-2 months. If approved, you’ll be sent a new member pack containing your statement of holding.

Why is the minimum shareholding less for locals?

Our minimum shareholding for locals makes membership more affordable. This helps us increase community involvement and delivers on our commitment to maintain 50% or more local members.

Where can I find out more about membership?

The best place to find out about being a Hepburn Energy member is through our Members page. For any other queries, please contact

Should you require further assistance please contact the Hepburn Energy team.

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